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La Aurora is not only the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic and the most widely known. La Aurora is a family. All of us, in one way or another, contribute daily to its greatness; we are part of it: workers, tobacco merchants, growers, consumers.

Give us your contact information and become part of the La Aurora family.

Ask questions, share with us your ideas and concerns, and, if you wish, any constructive criticism you can offer to help us improve. Contact us and you will get a response. In addition, you will receive in your e-mail our newsletter with all the news and updates about La Aurora.

Santiago de los Caballeros Headquarters

  • Ctra. Santiago –Tamboril,. Km. 5
    Santiago de los Caballeros
    República Dominicana
  • Tel: (809) 734 2563
  • Email: [email protected]